Shadows & Light

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Shadows & Light


These recordings came out of a deep devotional feeling of Source Eternal.

What you have here is really a sonic Journey. An emotional landscape of longing, finding, remembering, celebrating... and resting in the endless potent velvety space of Eternal Love. 

May it resonate within you. 

I dedicate this to Ayako Miyauchi, Maxwell Starkhouse, Jeffery Hustler and Ke'oni Poi. Thank you for encouraging me and insisting. 

Total time 51min. Available for download CLICK HERE TO BUY on highest quality 24bit recording. Plays on all devices.

“Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind.” ~Gwendolyn Brooks 




a visionary sound movement performance artist

an educator, a guide, a space holder and a transmitter... of eternal love...


As an artist I understand that my works come through Metaphor. Illustration is obvious and tells everybody what to think. Metaphor and abstraction speaks to the soul, our emotion, and to the spirit. Beauty can be seen in everything from the right perspective. This perspective consumes me as an artist and continually feeds and inspires me as a human... Being. 

My offerings come from the Flow of Nature and my experience of Source Eternal.  

For as long as I can remember...literally every conversation, every feeling, every unfolding moment i experience as an art... Life is Art. It is this conscious awareness that has lead me to be more conscious, aware, loving and inclusive. Life is Art and LOVE is my medium. The word love is a code word (metaphor). I leave it to you to feel what it means for you. 

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